Web-based Information DOminant Warfare

Enabling Warfighters to Focus on Tactics & Lethality

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What is WIDOW?

Web-based Information DOminant Warfare (WIDOW) is a modern cloud-based distributed planning application that is completely designed by tactical-level operators, the people that use it every day.

Our mission is to increase the speed, organization, and accuracy of planning tasks through real-time coordination and visualization of mission details.

  • WIDOW utilizes DoD Platform One’s continuous Authority to Operate (c-ATO).
  • WIDOW is live in production for use on NIPR, SIPR, and JWICS.
  • WIDOW is designated as the official USAF Mission Planning Cell Tool Application.
  • WIDOW is 100% government-owned code.
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Why Choose WIDOW?

WIDOW digitizes the tactical level mission planning process by enabling real-time and distributed contribution, coordination, and visualization of planning details so Airmen and Guardians can focus on tactics and lethality.

WIDOW is solving Airmen and Guardian pain points right now as they prepare for combat, and it’s time to integrate WIDOW into daily combat ops.

  • WIDOW has 1600+ users and is growing everyday across the DAF & Joint community.
  • WIDOW provides distributed planning capabilities to local/daily flying operations, backyard LFEs, and organized COCOM/MAJCOM-level exercises.
  • WIDOW thrives off direct user feedback and implementing changes/new capabilities as fast as possible.


Dynamic Airspace Deconfliction by Altitude/Geography/Time

Visualize the assets while automatically highlighting conflicting altitudes, times, and locations.

Full Page Tanker Plan

Dynamic tanker plan allows for primary and fall out plans to be directly inserted.

Dynamic Communication Plan Builder

Inclues support for Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Channels.

GAT Flow & Mission Timeline

Ability to view all the assets and events of a mission in visual chronological sequence with dynamic grouping and exporting capabilities.

Afloat OPS & Fuel Ladder Generation

Ability to toggle boat ops and generate fuel ladders for assets landing on carriers.

Excel Coord Card Export

Mission details such as CSAR, Timeline, Codewords, and COMM Plan are exported into a standard Coordination Card format.

Dynamic Coord Card Builder

Ability to completely customize the Coord Card export with dynamic widgets - comes with a default layout.

Advanced Role Based Access Control

Asset Management

Coordination details can be confirmed by the mission planning cell chief (MPCC) and conflicts in TAXI/TO as well as ALT blocks are highlighted automatically.

Integrated map & fly through

View a dynamic 3D world map of all the assets and the complete fly through of the mission.

Deployed on NIPR, SIPR, and JWICS

Contract Management

CACA: Contract, Authority, Comm, Action

Call Sign Screenshot Coordination Screenshot GAT Flow Screenshot

Timeline for Capabilities Release

In Progress

Integrated Chat

Mission Documents Repository

Planned Future

Kessel Run Rebel Alliance Integrations

Dynamic/Integrated NKE Planning Tool

Infinite Whiteboard

Mission Debrief & Survey Features

Mission Products Repository Version Control

SPINS Parser

Mission Timing Agent

Integrated WX service

WIDOW Partners

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“I’m a huge fan of WIDOW; it is truly an innovative application that saves time and effort for mission commanders and their teams. It has my full support and I plan to implement it as the official Mission Planning Cell Application throughout PACAF.”

Gen Ken Wilsbach, COMPACAF


Red Flag: Alaska & Nellis

Red Flag exercises provide mission commanders, and air, space, and cyber operators the opportunity to experience realistic combat scenarios to prepare for future warfare. The goal of Red Flag is to prioritize the experience of an operator's "first" combat mission, mission commander upgrades, and Flag unique experiences for all participants.

Orange Flag

Orange Flag is a multi-domain test event specializing in collaborative, large force test that spans domains, services, and platforms. Orange Flag allows data-driven test and experimentation to occur in a complex, operationally representative environment.

Gunfighter Flag

Every quarter, the 366th Fighter Wing holds an exercise where Air Force partners and fighter squadrons across the nation participate in air-to-air, ground, and air-to-ground training to maintain the lethality of the nation's premiere fighter wing during peace-time and war-time contigencies.

Black Flag

A brand new, large scale, test and evaluation exercise conducted by the 53rd Wing. Black Flag is a deep-end testing arena to create and discover capabilities utilizing existing and emerging material.

Valiant Shield

Biennial field training exercise aimed at ensuring the joint force is ready to conduct a wide range of combat operations.


U.S. Air Force Weapons School Integration (WSINT) is a series of complex, large-force employment missions that serve as the capstone portion of Weapons School classes, which take place twice a year. WSINT involves the planning and execution of every aspect of air, space and cyber combat operations, with joint force components converging over the Nevada Test and Training Range.

Northern Edge

Exercise Northern Edge is Alaska's premier military joint training exercise. Alaskan Command (ALCOM) uses expanisve Alaskan training ranges to conduct this joint training operation.

Mobility Guardian

Air Mobility Command's premier, large-scale mobility exercise. Mobility Guardian provides a realistic training environment for more than 1,500 Mobility Airmen to hone their skilss in delivering Rapid Global Mobility in current and future conflicts.

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